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Florida Permit Problems: Why Quality Matters in a Title Search

Feb 15, 2017

A longtime resident of Clearwater is currently facing thousands of dollars in fines because of the failure of the original owner to obtain the required building permits for a pool built in 1980. Working with a trusted partner can help home buyers avoid issues like this and can ensure the best outcomes for real estate transactions nationwide.

The Risk of Substandard Title Search Services

Janet Martin purchased her home in 1998, almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the title search performed at the time of the sale did not identify the issue. Since that time, the title company in question has gone out of business. The original owners of the property can not be located, leaving Martin on the hook for what could potentially be thousands of dollars in repair costs and fines. An electrical inspection for the pool will be required. If any issues are identified, Martin will likely be responsible for the entire cost of remediating the problems found.

A Persistent Problem

If issues with permits and liens are not addressed promptly, they will not disappear on their own. Most buyers will not take on a property with significant liens or missing permits; if a buyer can be found, the perceived value of the home may be reduced to account for the added trouble and expense these ongoing issues can cause.

Working with a Professional Team

The experts at All American Document Services can provide the expertise and knowledge home buyers need to ensure that their transactions go smoothly and that no unpleasant surprises await them in the future. The skilled professionals at All American Document Services can find even the most obscure liens and encumbrances to protect buyers, real estate agents and other parties from financial loss.

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