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3 Top UCC Search Challenges Faced by Title Agencies

Feb 28, 2017

A title search on a real estate property is fairly straightforward. A UCC search is a different matter entirely.

Common UCC Search Challenges Faced by Title Agencies

Most title searches take a similar amount of time and labor, and this consistency allows title agencies to develop a consistent title search process. Unfortunately, UCC searches are a different beast altogether. Below are the most common challenges title agencies have when conducting UCC searches.

Cost Catch-22

Many title agencies struggle to find a balance between understaffing and overstaffing. With too few hands on deck, a surge in orders can leave your team buried and reduce the quality of your customer service. But it’s also expensive to maintain an in-house UCC search staff.

High Volume of UCC Searches

Even a seemingly straightforward UCC search must be checked, rechecked and then checked again. When operating at high volume, corners are cut and results come back inaccurate or incomplete. Many searchers do not search for DBAs, former names, aliases, etc. and are unfamiliar with common abbreviations used in different counties.


UCC searches are often plagued by seeming dead ends. Mis-indexed files can turn what should be a routine search into a wild goose chase. Only highly experienced UCC searchers that are familiar with the kinds of mistakes common at filing offices are able to search in a way likely to bring back the needed results.

Sound Familiar?

If you have experienced any of the pain points above – or any others for that matter – All American Document Services can help.

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