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Join AADS in Fighting Breast Cancer in October

Oct 09, 2018

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

But breast cancer isn’t a death sentence. There are over 3.3 million survivors living in the United States today. That’s thanks largely to the tireless efforts of breast cancer charities that help fund research, spread awareness and eliminate breast cancer-linked chemicals and radiation.

But doing your due diligence is important before deciding which charities to support.

Several prominent charities (National Cancer Center, American Breast Cancer Foundation) have received zero or one star from Charity Navigator, a group that monitors charities to ensure donated money goes where the organization says it will go. 

The top-rated breast cancer charities in the United States, according to the The American Institute of Philanthropy’s Charity Watch, are:

These groups are aiming to do nothing less than find a cure by funding the world’s most promising research and eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to breast cancer.

National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund has even set a deadline to know how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020.

5% of Profits This Month go to Breast Cancer Research

Join us this October in finding the cure! 5% of profits from all new-client orders this month will be donated to one of these three organizations. If you are a new client, we invite you to Create Your Order Here.

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